Adopting Credit Card Purchases For Your Business

Pci compliance companies

According to, approximately sixty six percent of Americans own a credit card. Of that number, fifty million Americans carry credit card debt. It is more than the ease of the transaction that encourages credit card use, too. It is the simple fact that credit card purchases delay the inevitable; cash exchange for goods. Subsequently, many small businesses find that accepting credit card payments increases their likelihood of making a sale. Additionally, if you are an online only business, processing credit cards payments is your only option. But how does a small business or online merchant service process these transactions? There are credit card processing companies to choose from, but which one you choose comes down to online credit card processing service options, and processing and transaction fees.

Credit card processing companies and vendors offer an array of services with varied tiers and contract offerings to suit most business types and needs. There are credit card processing companies with different startup costs, account setup protocol, internet based features, and, of course, fees. Which one is best for you comes down to the level of service your business requires.

There are transaction safety issues handled by credit card processing companies, too. Not only with how the transaction is handled, but also with how a merchant houses a customers sensitive data. As such, payment card industry data security standards aim to reduce fraud and prevent security breaches. Any merchant that processes credit card purchases and transmits credit card data must be in compliance with PCI standards. Most, if not all, credit card processing companies include PCI compliance companies or services to cover this mandate. References.

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