How to Save Money Installing Your New Frameless Glass Shower Door

This video shows the viewer how to install a frameless glass shower door. There is no track or header to go around the shower door. It is just complete glass. The first step is to measure the space.

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The walls must be flat for the frameless glass shower door. This makes it easier when you order the glass.

The frameless glass shower door has a glass panel with four clips and then a door that opens both ways. The door has two hinges, and that is all the hardware. You will need plumb lines to make sure everything is straight. They use a mortar bed so as not to use foam on the floor.

The video explains how to drill through the tile and the importance of waterproofing. The video shows you how to cut down your anchors and keep everything level. In the video, they explain the benefits of solid backing and when you should have it. There are some steps in the process where you need two people to complete the installation.

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