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From 321 to 185 BC in India, a form of check called adesha was used as an order to a banker wanting him to pay some third person a set amount of money. A little further down the road between 1118 and 1307, a check system was introduced by the Knights Templar which was used when the pilgrims journeyed to the Holy Land. They would deposit money at a chapter house and then later withdraw from another by showing them a code. As you can see, checks have been around since the beginning of time in some way or another. Nowadays, using them is also much simpler. They are not expensive and you can get a number of cheap checks for an affordable rate nearly anywhere. Those in need of Canadian cheques are encouraged to order cheques online for maximum convenience.

The first checkbooks came from the Bank of England in the year 1830 and entailed groups of fifty, one hundred or two hundred stubs sewn together. These checkbooks have been improved since that time, but the general idea came from the Bank of England. Handwritten checks with a custom logo are ideal for blending a personalized touch with professionalism. Those looking for the professionalism and custom signature in cheap checks should look for a credible designer of personalized cheques to get what they need. Three thousand two hundred and seventy seven mailbox thefts were filed to Canada Post in 2010 and checks are the main reason why these are the number one target. Keep your mailboxes secure and turn to the internet for ordering laser cheques and cheap checks in bulk.
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