Save Cash By Fixing Your Sink On Your Own

If your sink handles won’t turn, you have a problem. It practically renders that sink unusable for washing. You may be tempted to call a plumber. However, it will take them a day or two to come over most of the time. Instead, you could fix the issue yourself that same day and save some decent money in the process.

Video Source

In this video, you will learn how to fix a sink with a stuck handle. For nearly everything else including repipes and more, consider calling your trusted local plumber.

It can be difficult finding parts that are made for your exact model of sink. There are so many different models of sinks that make this task nearly impossible. Thankfully, the fix for a stuck handle often does not require part replacements. Often, it is a case of food, dirt, or hair getting lodged inside the handle. This debris then inhibits the ability of the joint to turn. This is why it is so hard to turn the handle. This means that you just need to remove the handle safely using a tool such as a wrench and possibly a screwdriver depending on how it is mounted. Then, clear out the inside and put it back together.


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