Save Money By Getting Lock Repairs Instead of Replacements

This video will discuss why you can reduce expenses and save money by repairing your locks rather than replacing them.

Altering the locks on a door may require either replacing the locks or repairing the ones already there. Changing the key is a common step during lock repairs for residential doors. These approaches guarantee that previously used keys will no longer work to open the lock.

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The cost of lock repairs

Repairs to locks to make them compatible with a new key, or pins, and springs that make up the internal workings, need realignment during the rekeying process. A kit that allows you to rekey the locks on your own will cost you between $15 and $25. Expect to pay between $80 and $160 for professional lock repairs if you cannot DIY.

The cost of replacing the lock

You should budget between $80 and $300 for each lock, with an additional up to $200 for a professional installation, depending on the quality. However, many door locks are easy to DIY because they come with the necessary instructions.

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