In the world of law and income management, claiming disability is a crucial topic to be educated on. In order to receive the funds you need to live when you cannot work, you may either consult a professional or do your own research into the most fitting way for you to claim disability. An important place to start in the world of disability is the difference between SSDI and SSI. This video outlines the differences between to two, and recommends the best cases for both processes.

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SSI stands for supplemental security income, and is the most popular way of gaining disability checks. A ssdi, on the other hand, uses different factors to determine how much money you earn. SSI gives a maximum of $800, based on the cost of living estimate. A ssdi brings into question past earnings, as well as pasts salaries and wages. Thus, an ssdi is liable to bring in more money each month, making it a preferred choice. Additionally, more doctors consider ssdi valid for covering medical costs, while ssi is more complicated with regards to healthcare. Always consult a professional before deciding your method of disability collection.


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