Surprising Find When it Comes Time to Sort the Coins

Money counter machines

According to MTPR, the Flathead Valley Salvation Army has recently been helped out by a very generous donor — though whether the donation was intended or not is not quite established.

Salvation Army Major Steve Svenson was going through the coin donations from one of the Salvation Army?s red kettles that stood at a local grocery store. After putting the coins through a coin sorter and counter, he realized that one coin didn?t fit at all. Upon examination, the coin turned out to be a gold coin — with an estimated worth of over $1,000 according to a local coin dealer. The Salvation Army doesn?t know who, exactly, donated the coin since it was only noticed at the end of the day when the contributions were being tallied up.

Although the star of this story wasn?t the coin sorter and counter machine, it very well could be — these machines not only speed up the process of counting coins, but they also help to insure accuracy. It may be the case — and indeed, it?s quite likely, given how the individual has no way to get a tax refund for their donation now — that the donor had no idea what they were handing over was a valuable coin. They may have just thought it was a spare quarter, or a more typical one dollar coin.

Had they been using a coin sorter counter to organize their change and donating bills instead, this may not have happened. Though of course it was a great and generous donation — these are the types of donations you generally want to be aware that you?re giving organizations.

There are additional benefits to using machines to count coins and bills. Counterfeiting continues to be a major crime in the U.S. — no matter how the technology of bill production advances to fight it, counterfeiters manage to come up with increasingly complex ways to replicate the appearance of paper money. It can often be difficult for the average person to recognize the fake bills. Money counter machines can often automatically check bills for legitimacy, helping to reduce the likelihood of fraud negatively impacting a business’s operations.

Have you ever made use of coin counter and sorter machines to circumvent these sort of issues? Let us know.

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