Top Recession-Proof Jobs

what are the best recession proof jobs

One of the most upsetting things about a capitalist society is the economy’s constant ups and downs. For every boom, there is a bust, and these recessions can be challenging for many people to ride out. While capitalism still allows for the most chances of success and financial gain than other systems, the inherent downtime may require a career change. So, what are the best recession proof jobs? Here’s a list of careers that may be an excellent choice for you in financially difficult situations. Read through each of these options to discover an interesting career path that works for your needs as a worker.

Undertaker: There’s Always a Need for This Career Path

When answering the question ‘what are the best recession proof jobs?’ most people probably think of an undertaker or funeral home director. And there’s a reason for that. Even during a recession, people will die and need after-life help. You may end up with even more business during economic struggles because people may be eating less or suffering from other health-related problems.

And while it may seem morbid to go down this career path, it can be an advantageous option for many. Yes, you’re going to have to get specialized training that helps to make your job easier. And you’ll be working with dead bodies in ways that would give some people nightmares. There’s no denying that this is a difficult job and that only the right kind of person can do without concern.

However, if you want to keep eating during a recession and have the stomach for this type of work, you can’t do much better than starting your practice. Whether you open your own home or start as an assistant embalmer or other professional, there is a lot of scalability for this position. Ensure that you take the time to get trained to ensure that you are satisfied with your overall success level.

Medical Professionals: The Need May Increase

During a recession, the need for medical help may rapidly increase due to poor eating habits, various types of emotional troubles, and much more. And even if people aren’t working, they still need medical help and may qualify for insurance like Medicaid, which helps decrease their investment. Thankfully, there are many types of career options that may be available to you in this situation.

For example, you may find that assisted living facilities provide you with a high-quality job that will keep you in high demand. When you work for home health care services, you’ll get some hands-on time with many different individuals and have the ability to expand your career. Even if you’re just an entry-level worker, the pay is usually quite fair, the demand high, and the hours very consistent for those who are willing to pick them up.

And if you already have some experience in the medical field or even a degree but want to change your focus, you may want to consider becoming an OBGYN. These specialized doctors are always in high demand and provide a myriad of different care options. Even if you’re an assistant to one of these experts, you should be able to find a job that works the best for your overall needs as a person.

IT Help: Never Fall Out of Demand

The world continues to need more and more technical help. As computers become more essential and various technological advances become more prevalent, the demand for IT will remain consistent. That’s why it’s a great option to transition into this career path during a recession. Even if you have little experience with technology, you can get quick training to prepare you for a financially and emotionally rewarding career path for the right person with the right skill sets.

But what are the best recession proof jobs in this career field? There are many different options that you can consider. For example, if you have little training or are currently getting educated in IT, you may start at an IT call center. This job path is very demanding but does give you a taste of what to expect. Thankfully, many other career paths are available in this high-demand industry, options that will help to ensure that you find a job that challenges you in a rewarding manner.

You may find yourself choosing between computer repair, information network creation, cell phone repairs, network repair, VPN installation, security protection, and much more. Make sure that you choose a high-quality path that makes sense for you and which plays into your interests in this field. Doing so will ensure that you are ultimately satisfied with your experience as a person. Even better, you can open up an IT support crew if you feel comfortable handling this work full time.

Addiction Care: A Rapidly Expanding Demand

When asking yourself, ‘what are the best recession proof jobs?’ you may not immediately think of addiction treatment. However, working in a suboxone clinic is not only a great career option but something that helps out your community. This need for this care won’t go away during recessions, and you’ll find yourself getting plenty of jobs if you train for this type of career path.

Unfortunately, there may even be higher demand than usual for this type of care during a recession. When individuals lose a job and feel depressed, some may end up turning to drugs to feel better temporarily. If they keep using these substances, they are likely to end up addicted. So when asking, ‘what are the best recession proof jobs?’ make sure you’re prepared for these complex challenges.

Even if you don’t want to work in an addiction care center or lack the training, you can work for a laboratory equipment provider. These facilities often utilize various specialized items that make it easier for individuals to quit using drugs. Equipment companies always need salespeople, repair experts, delivery professionals, and even assembly line help for their work.

Alcohol Provider Services: A Profitable Career Option

During recessions, alcohol sales almost always go up exponentially because people may find themselves out of work and need a way to unwind. As a result, those asking, ‘what are the best recession proof jobs?’ may find themselves compelled to investigate this option. You can make many choices that will help keep you eating while others are struggling.

For instance, you can get Servsafe alcohol vendor training to make this career option a better path for you. This training type will teach you how to be a vendor and provide alcohol safely and reasonably. The many bars and liquor stores that will thrive during a recession will make this a good option for people who want to make money quickly and easily.

Whether or not it feels right for you to take this step will vary depending on your morals. Some may find that providing alcohol for people during a recession doesn’t seem right. Others will do it because they know that these people will find alcohol one way or another. Ensure that you carefully consider yourself in this situation and whether your morals or ethics are more important to you than a steady job.

Legal Help: There is Always a Need

So, what are the best recession proof jobs? By now, you should have a pretty good idea that the best career options of this type are those that have a constant need. For example, people are always going to need legal help and protection, even during a recession. And there are many career options that you can consider in this scenario that will help make your life easier and more consistent.

For example, you can get a job at a law firm even if you don’t have a degree. These include becoming a secretary or an assistant. Lawyers always need someone willing and able to research cases and law to help prepare for trials. Often, you can use this position to help pay for legal training that may make it easier for you to a longer-lasting and more successful job as an individual.

If you cannot find a job in this type of firm but do have some financial career training, you may seek out work at an accounting firm. Often, these teams need experts who can handle hands-on account preparation and other steps to ensure that things go smoothly. They’ll also need workers who can handle more menial tasks, such as delivering accounts and other measures.

Utility Workers: Hard But Rewarding Work

So what are the best recession proof jobs for people who may not have a lot of experience? This option is vital to consider for people who haven’t gone through college or specialized training classes. It is also a good choice for those going through school but who want a job to pay for their education. The best option for people in this situation is probably utility work. Though this career path will be physically challenging, it can be financially rewarding for people who are willing to work.

For example, people who work in waste management or manage electrical lines may earn up to $20-25 per hour without any specialized training. This type of work is also available for road crews, as these individuals often work for 10-12 hours every day and are on their feet the whole time. Yes, you’ll be tired at the end of the day and will have little time to enjoy your hobbies. But you’ll be making good money, cash that you can put aside for training into another career or for helping your children’s education.

Thankfully, the demand for this type of work is almost always high. Many workers are only temporary or burn out very quickly, meaning that crews almost always need many individuals. That’s just one reason why the pay is so high. You may even get a job holding a flag and controlling traffic. Jobs like that aren’t physically demanding but may be very dull. Whatever the case, this option is still an excellent choice for those without a lot of training or people who want a high-paying job right away.

Repair Help: Things Will Always Break Down

Some jobs never go out of style. For example, repair experts are always in high demand, even during a recession. So when asking yourself, ‘what are the best recession proof jobs for me?’ you may want to consider training for a repair job. This option is usually a great choice if you already have some skills in a specific repair field or if you can train quickly to get a new job.

For example, you can usually quickly and easily train for a career in HVAC services. Some programs may take no more than 6-12 months or less, some taking even as little as three. If you already have some repair experience, you may find that you can transition to this type of job even more quickly. Some technicians may take the time to train you on the job to get you working as soon as possible.

And there are also other types of repair help that you may consider, such as carpentry work, various types of concrete repairs, vehicle upgrades and maintenance, and much more. During a recession, things may start winding down and breaking even more rapidly than average. With this career, you’ll be right there to help fix any problems that people may experience unexpectedly.

Choose a Career Carefully

No matter what career answers the question ‘what are the best recession proof jobs for me?’ you need to make sure that you take the time to pick one that makes the most sense for you. Too many people will like the financial possibilities of a job only to find that the duties and demands are too much for them to handle. We suggest finding a career that falls within your interests and your existing skills and career path. Doing so will help streamline this process and make it easier for you to fit into a job.

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