Understanding Mower Financing Options

When deciding whether or not to purchase a new riding lawnmower, the cost can be a determining factor. Many come with options to lease or plans to pay for the vehicle with multiple payment installments. Understanding mower financing options can allow you to decide whether or not it is the right call for you to obtain a mower today.

When purchasing the mower upfront, the responsibility falls on you as the owner to maintain the vehicle. Most come with warranties that will allow you to get a refund for up to a certain amount of time.

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However, you will still have to worry about the vehicle’s health after this allotted time. There is less concern about damage to the paint or appearance, as those will not lead to additional fees.

When leasing, there are options in place to make the most of the options. Many companies have begun to use a new for two policy, meaning every two years you can return the mower you lease for one that is a newer model. While this guarantees the best quality of equipment, you also have to be more mindful to avoid any form of damage to the mower, as the cost to repair will have to come out of your pocket when you attempt to return it.

For additional information about mower financing, please review the attached video.


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