Home Improvement Costs Painting Your Home

When estimating the cost of painting a house, there are factors to consider, hence the need to use the 2019 job costs as the baseline. Although every house is unique and different, you can expect the cost of a standard home exterior painting service to be around $3000-$5000, according to specialists who conducted 600 exterior home paintings with an average job size of $4500 dollars.
When calculating the cost of exterior painting service in a home, most painters use the house measurement to achieve a formula based on the square footage of the body and the linear footage of the trim, to know the quantity of paint needed.

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They use that information as the base number to consider other aspects such as the materials and labor to adjust the price accordingly.
When evaluating the materials, a vital step is the prep work which involves painters looking at how much scraping, priming, and caulking are needed. The higher material grade could increase the cost of exterior painting service and result in a higher value for the project. Plenty of windows will also increase the cost since the painter must mask all of them.

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