Is Bail Unfair to the Poor?

Is it unfair to release poor people on bail? Watch the video to find out more information. In practically every state in the United States, jail is the first line of defense when handling criminal cases. When people want to get someone out of jail after their original arrest, they have to pay cash bail or receive assistance from a bail agency if they do not have the money to do so themselves.

Even with the guarantee that they will receive it again, not everyone is in a position to post bail with the cash they have readily accessible.

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If you cannot post bail due to financial constraints, two paths are open to you. Depending on the circumstances, you can hire a private bail agency to post your bond or wait for your trial in jail for a few months to many years.

Expecting impoverished people to raise hundreds, much less thousands of dollars to buy their release is unreasonable. Employing the services of a private bail agency gives certain individuals yet another opportunity to profit from the detention of others and their inability to obtain bail.

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