Struggling With Student Loans And Medical Debt? You’re Not Alone

Paying off your debt

Are you a student looking to pay off your loans? Do you have car payments that are eating away at your budget with no end in sight? You might want to consider cash for an annuity. This simple and flexible method of regular down payments has offered millions of Americans across the country meet their medical bills and business loans head-on, through a variety of options such as purchasing structured settlements or selling fixed annuity. Below is a comprehensive list on the most common source of debt and long-term payments facing Americans, with quick and easy options that can help you get your life moving forward again.

Annuity Quick Facts

The end of 2013 saw over 30 million individuals deferring annuity contracts, reaching over $3 trillion by the end of the year. An annuity is a certain amount of money paid over an extended period of time, which can become a one-time payment or last for years depending on how it’s handled. To sell structured settlement payments is to gather all that money and put it to where you need it most, be it a new house or a used car.

Lottery And Gambling

If you find yourself lucky enough to win the lottery, using cash for an annuity can go a long way in ensuring that money doesn’t go to waste in the long-term. Surveys have shown lottery play as the most popular and widely practiced form of gambling in America, with lottery annuity a significant portion of financial management. However, the majority of lottery winners will lose their money or even go into debt within the first few months. Lump sum lottery winnings are one of the smartest ways you can manage your money should you get lucky, allowing a steady and reliable stream of income to bolster rather than hinder your lifestyle.

Medical Debt And Healthcare

Did you know over 60 million people, around 35% of the American population, have difficulty paying off their medical debt? This is one of the most common cause of bankruptcies, with an average of 3,400 filings submitted every month. Around 20% of credit reports are affected by overdue medical bills and unpaid fees, leaving many without options when they need to make investments or advance their career.

Student Loan And Debt

Paying off student loans is at the forefront of many an American adult’s mind, even those that are no longer going to school. Outstanding student loan debt and additional fees have climbed from $1 trillion to nearly $1.3 trillion in just the span of a year. When you’re looking for ways to reduce debt, particularly one of the most common relating to education, cash for an annuity is the effective and timely option you’re looking for.

Debit And Credit Cards

Credit cards are a useful tool that can see you through many situations. It can also backfire if not properly handled and American consumers are thought to owe nearly $12 trillion in debt, with a significant portion dedicated to credit cards. The average American has at least 13 payment cards and 40% of families will pay more than they earn. Low credit scores can impede people in the long-term, such as when they’re applying for loans or trying to buy a house, and paying that off is frequently a high priority for many American adults.

Cash For An Annuity

If you need to buy a new car or put a dent in your medical bills and student loans, cash for an annuity can help give you the resources you need. Annuities are available in a variety of payment lengths and payout periods, with two of the most common payments being for 25 years or until death. Choosing the right option will take a little research and patience, but rest assured you’ve just started a necessary step on curbing your debt and getting what you need. Consider meeting with a trained professional and discussing your options for annuity or structured settlements so you can spend less time stressing and more time living.

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