Three Ways For Retailers And Businesses To Prepare For The Holiday Rush

Christmas spending in Canada is going up — slowly but surely (by at least 7% per year, according to Huffington Post Canada). In any case, one thing is certain for both Canada and the U.S.: retail stores and shopping malls will be packed this holiday season, thanks to last-minute Christmas shopping and holiday sales. The most important thing that any business can do is make sure they are adequately prepared for this influx of customers. Here are a few ways to get your store or company ready for the holidays.

Amp Up Websites, Including Mobile And Tablet Versions

What are customers going to do if you’re not open when they are shopping? What will they do if they are not close enough to stop in? While the worst case scenario is choosing another place to shop, this doesn’t necessarily have to happen. If customers like your services and product enough, they may search online — and you want to be available to them when they do. Offer exclusive online coupons and promotions, make sure websites are easily accessible on all devices (from PCs and laptops to smartphones), and come up with some content or pages that will encourage holiday spending, like “Gifts Under $50,” “Gifts For Him,” “Gifts For Her,” etc.

‘Tis The Season, And Giving Will Boost Sales

“Last year, Target did a great promotion that attracted lots of shoppers where they gave away a $5 gift card for select purchases,” Andrea Woroch, marketing expert, told Business Week. “This not only helped boost overall sales, but it helped boost sales of certain goods.”

Protect Your Profits And Your Customers

It is in your best interest — and your customers’ — to make certain that holiday sales are accurate. Consider purchasing business scanners and cash management solutions, like a coin sorter and counter machine or a fraud-fighter counterfeit machine, before the holiday rush. A coin sorter and counter machine can track transactions and money with 100% accuracy, and some even help identify counterfeit bills as well.

Make sure that you are ready for the holidays. Make sure your website is working at its best, consider a few holiday promotions, and keep transactions accurate with a coin sorter and counter machine.

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