Should You Do Your Own Roofing?

You can save some significant money by doing your own roofing repairs or roofing installation. It can be a great way to save money on a tight budget. However, there are also many downsides.

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For example, a professional roofer will likely be able to do a better and thorough job. This can result in a longer lasting roof. A professional roofer can also do the job in a much quicker timeframe. Further, doing your own roof may present a significant roof. For many, this risk is enough to defer the job to professionals. After watching this video, can you really blame them?

There are numerous ways that one could lose their balance and fall off a roof. Maybe they simply slip, maybe they get distracted, or maybe a large wind gust knocks them off their feet. Regardless of the reason, safety precautions should be taken to reduce the likelihood of injuries. For example, one person in the video has a safety harness that is attached to a roller which rolls along a safety line as he works on the roof. You may not have the same equipment, but you can learn from the concept. A rope carefully tied around your waist and the chimney may just save your life.


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